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Be part of the international minimally invasive footsurgery family.

The minimally invasive footsurgery looks back on a history shaped by the achievements of the pioneering spirit of individual surgeons. However, those pioneers had to deal with great regimes. Even today there are major reservations about minimally invasive footsurgery.
Nevertheless, the developments over the last decade concerning the technical equipment as well as the advanced training courses can clearly be seen as a sign of great interest and acceptance. The high level of scientific interest is also clearly reflected in the increasing number of publications.
Minimally invasive footsurgery is no longer a technique that is used by individual surgeons, it rather has become an integral part of the portfolio of foot and ankle surgery in general.
The community of dedicated minimally invasive foot surgeons has grown rapidly in recent years and will continue to grow over the next years. With this event we want to present a continent-spanning image of the current state of minimally invasive footsurgery.

The live online congress will take place over 24 hours moving from continent to continent. The congress will include discussion rounds, operative demonstration, poster sessions and presentations by well-known surgeons.

Join the congress and become a part of the minimally invasive footsurgery family.

Dr. Joel Vernois, London (UK)
Prof. Hazibullah Waizy, Hannover (GER)